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About Us

Our Grass Fed Beef


At Addies Angus Ranch we pride ourselves on the way our beef cattle are raised and their excellent genetics. We are located in beautiful Bayview, Washington where our cattle have an ocean view and are grass fed with no hormones added and no antibiotics ever. We are USDA Inspected.

We sell Prime Grade Half or a Whole head of beef that comes custom wrapped. Harvest is in spring and fall. Waiting list only

Addies Angus has individual Prime Cuts of grass fed Angus beef avaliable like: Tenderloin & Prime Rib Roast! Steaks are available and specialty cuts. 1/3 lb ground burger patties come 3 or 6 to a pack.

Our Prime Cut Burger is what our customers love at Addies Angus. We believe if your going to have a burger it might as well be a steak burger! The burger you buy at the grocery store is trimmings out of a carcass from who knows where or what. Our burger is a mix of all prime cuts and 100% black Angus! We reserve the whole beef for this burger and harvest from age 20 to 24 months. We sell our Prime Cut Burger in 1 and 2 pound packages and 1/3lb patties. Summer is here and it’s time to fill your freezer with Prime Cut Burger for the BBQ season! FREE delivery!  $6 a pound


Our Family


Addies Angus is owned and operated by Nikki with the help of her 2 children, Jeremiah(7) and Leilah(3). The ranch was established in the family back in 1998 and we have been raising  registered Black Angus since 2012. 

Our Angus


Our Angus come from some of the best genetics out there when it comes to Black Angus.  From proven lines such as SAV Blackcap and Coleman Charlo. Because of these types of geneitics our marbling is rated above the average Certified Angus Beef genetic recommendation. We concentrate on breeding to Angus bulls with Prime grade carcass traits. The grade of our beef is our focus. Not how big we can get them. It’s whats on the inside that counts. All of our Angus are bred and born on our ranch. All are cows are bred each year to specific bulls with traits that are proven to give a better carcass, never getting stuck on one genetic. Each harvest just gets better and better. 



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We love our customers, so feel free to give us a call to set up an appointment to tour the ranch and see first hand where your beef comes from and how it's raised.

Addies Angus Ranch

13449 Rector Rd, Mount Vernon, WA 98273, US

(360) 399-9213


By appointment only, please.

Calving starts in June.